Grooming creative world leaders, Building excellence and Godly character in minds and places. Our flair for academic excellence, discipline, and morals have continuously been upheld while instilling 21st-century learning skills in primary school pupils.

Sternfield Elementary School — Best Elementary School in Lagos & Nigeria

At Sternfield Elementary School,  our teaching approach is child-centred. Our teachers neither impose on our pupils nor abandon them in total free play. Our classes are well-equipped with Montessori didactic materials in the following five Montessori curriculum areas:

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Education Is Great!

Sternfield International School has some of the most visionary, innovative, seasoned, highly professional, and skilful educators you will find anywhere.

  • Our dedicated teachers enhance your child’s learning.
  • We help students find their place in the world.
  • We inspire our pupils with a desire for achievement and self-improvement both at school and in later life.

 Sternfield International School have what you are looking for.

Come and join us today. Let us become part of your child/ward’s success story.


Our Elementary School Age Categories

For your child to be qualified for enrollment in our Elementary School, he or she must be of a minimum age by 1st of October of the school year.

Year 1: 5 years and above

Year 2: 6 years and above

Year 3: 7 years and above

Year 4: 8 years and above

Year 5: 9 years and above

Year 6: 10 years and above


Primary 1-6

Start Date

August 2020

Currently accepting Application