At Sternfield College, we seek to aid the development of children in our care to become outstanding scholars, scientists, artists, and global citizens — by instilling in them the spirit of excellence. We believe in breaking societal norms, humbling boundaries, and daring to be different. We have a DNA of excellence and Godly character, with core values of diligence, respect, quality, and accountability. We believe in the power of the mind, and we place priority on our brainstorming sessions. We understand the importance of critical thinking and how our problem-solving skills go a long way in ensuring positive changes in the world.

We are not confined to the classroom only. We believe in vocational training and skill acquisition programs that give us a headstart in every sector of life. We learn in a very conducive environment far away from noise pollution. We believe education needs the best of 21st-century technology. We build communication skills that create global interdependence, which helps us understand the various cultures of the world.

We are the future of the world. And we aim to dominate science, technology, literature, commerce, law, and every aspect of life with creativity and unrivalled innovation. It

Sternfield College— Best Secondary School in Lagos

We offer an extensive British/Nigeria/Finland curriculum with high-quality and comprehensive extra-curricular programs for every student in all classes from JSS1 to SS3.


To be a leading educational institution, building excellence and character in minds and places. 


To establish and promote quality education through discipline and practical learning.

Education is Great

Sternfield College has some of the most visionary, innovative, seasoned, highly professional, and skilful educators you will find anywhere.

  • Our dedicated teachers enhance your child’s learning.
  • We help students find their place in the world.
  • We inspire our pupils with a desire for achievement and self-improvement both at school and in later life.

Sternfield College has what you are looking for.

Come and join us today. Let us become part of your child/ward’s success story.

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