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Sternfield International School has some of the most visionary, innovative, seasoned, highly professional, and skilful educators. They bring years of cutting-edge teaching experiences to the classroom and laboratories. The school is very excited to be a partner in your child/ward’s success. Your child deserves the best education.
Our commitment is not just to help our pupils achieve outstanding success. But also to guide them through spiritual development so they can emerge as well-rounded individuals in society. In Sternfield, every child must be able to take their place as an agent of change in our morally decadent society. We have an array of services to choose from, and our dedicated administrative staff will be ready to assist you with anything. Class sizes are moderate and fitted with highly personalized teaching methodologies tailored for individual and overall excellent performances.
It is not all work at Sternfield Schools either. We love to have well-packaged extra-curricular activities to complement and enhance classroom experiences and provide pupils with opportunities for personal growth and enrichment. If you are looking for a school that offers sound education, international exposure, spiritual development, advanced teaching techniques, a serene and conducive learning environment, affordable tuition fees, God-centered community, look no further. Sternfield Schools has all you need. Come and join us today. Let us become part of your child/ward’s success story.
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To raise responsible global leaders by building excellence and Godly character in every child, through a strategic system of practical education.


To position every child for global competitiveness and productive performance through an established quality system of education.

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Ogun Michael

Executive Director